Rani Garner

Known for her landscapes that beautifully capture light, career artist Rani Garner produces works that are cherished by collectors. Her paintings often show soft sunlight filtering through leaves, setting over shores, and streaming through windows. These are mainly inspired by early morning walks and her travels to places such as the Gulf Coast and other areas in coastal Florida.

Though she enjoys drawing, Garner’s current artworks are oils on canvas, as oil paints enable her to use a wider range of lights and darks. Aside from her celebrated landscapes, she also produces still life, seascapes, and interiors. She cites Dr. Seuss and her high school art teacher as her top influences.

Garner’s works are represented in galleries throughout Georgia and Florida, and her collections are also housed in various parts of the country such as Arizona, North Carolina, and Washington DC. The prolific painter has won art awards in several states as well.

Garner grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, in a desert environment which she feels has added to her appreciation of trees. In the late 1960s, her father created “The Guggenhead Museum of Awfully Modern Art”, a touring collection of satirical art pieces, and this allowed her to travel with her family around the country. She went on to attend Arizona State University and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with highest honors. She started painting professionally in 1989.

Today, Garner lives in Buena Vista, Georgia with her husband Rick, a custom furniture maker. They have three children.