William Armstrong

A lot of movies require the visual magic of scenic artists to provide the perfect backdrops and settings for their scenes. William Armstrong is one such artist that has made a mark in his field. Having created numerous movie sets, he has worked with the likes of Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and Woody Allen, and is considered a leading figure in scenic art.

Armstrong is an accomplished artist in various mediums: he can draw with pen or pencil; paint with oil, watercolors, or acrylic; and sculpt on wood, among many other skills. He particularly enjoys doing watercolors on location in the Savannah outdoors, inspired by the watercolor landscapes of John Singer Sargent.

In addition to being diverse, Armstrong’s works, especially his paintings of coastal environments, are described as luminous. Most of them are exhibited in his Savannah residence, which has been named a National Certified Historic Property. They are also represented in the Charles II Art Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina.

Armstrong’s first painting jobs involved creating signs for butcher shops when he was 14, in his native Newark, New Jersey. He attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, and afterwards worked on movie sets. Among his projects was the 2000 movie “The Legend of Bagger Vance”, which brought him to Savannah. Since then, he has settled in this Georgia city with his wife Monique.